Poptarts, bottled water, and tea parties

Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to start; I’d meant to earlier, but got sidetracked and then sick. Welcome to the somewhat atypical look into my mind. Be warned, most of you (if anyone every actually comes to look) know me and should be able to realize you might not ever understand anything on here, or you may well understand everything on here. Good luck, ye brave souls.

First off; poptarts, bottled water and tea parties. When I’d started this blog (about a week ago I think as I’m writing this) it was a monday and a tea party was going to happen wednesday night, one that I would miss due to having to retrieve my baby, this computer I’m working on, for class that night. The former two items of the title come from my usual meal at work, something that every college student survives on, and yet only by divine intervention don’t die from, truly it is a miracle that we do survive.

Random rambling and jabbering. Somehow my team has gone 2-0 these last two weeks and putting me in a three way tie for first place in my division in my fantasy baseball league. I’ve decided wacom tablets are pretty sweet and may get one in the near future, should “Uncle Sam” decide I’m poor and gives me money. I may be doing some video work soon for Wasco. And finally, I’m somewhat undecided whether or not to draw a family tree or not. I think it would be fun, though those of you who know my artistic style of drawing are likely groaning already, and know what it will end up looking like already.

And that is that. No idea when or how often this blog will get updated (if ever) but if you bug me, I’ll do something about it. I also might end up doing themes or themed updates of some sort of another, so you never know 🙂

Later ya’ll

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