Aspirin and askin

As I was driving to work today “Listen to Your Heart” popped on my car radio out of my ipod. Its song I got at Masters that was sorta the song of my hall. And it hit me. Again. English is one of the most pathetic languages I’ve ever encountered. Because there are so few words, each word gets to hoard a few meanings. “Heart” can mean, in various ways; the beating muscle housed in your chest, your moral compass, a core or center- the heart of the city, and even a shape, among many other meanings.

I bring this up because in the song, the singer is telling a girl to listen to her heart before she tells him goodbye. Now, its assumed that her “heart” means the imaginary emotional part of your conscious, the one that lies to you the most and that you frequently blame and thank for most things in life. Fine. But Biblically, thats a terrible thing to follow, after all, “the heart is desperatly wicked.” But, “heart” can also mean soul. If your soul is so in tune to God that the Holy Spirit fairly speaks through your mouth instead of you. If that is the case, then by all means, the game changes and, with care and prayer, by all means, listen to your Heart.

After that song came on, I turned it to a slightly different sound, a country song titled “God Knows Who I Am.” When I’m alone or by myself, I tend to think a lot, and its sort of funny how much I tend to lie to myself. The song is close to my heart because I am a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I’m not lieing to each of them; I just show different parts of me to different people, but its still me. And God knows. Its a great comfort I’ve found.

God Knows Who I Am

I’m a total stranger to a three piece suit
I’m more kin to jeans and boots
I’m a hard days work to an aching back
I’m a promise to a callous to both these hands
I wear a lot of hats

I’m a walk in the park to an irish setter
A stamp of approval writing mama a letter
Weekend coach from my quarterback chair
My faith hangs on this cross I wear

I’m a lot of things to a lot of things
Not always a winner, a loser I ain’t
I’m a full time sinner, a part saint
And I ain’t afraid of fear, if it makes me a better man
God knows who I am

I’m a husband, a brother, a father, a son
A slap on the back, a handshake a hug
I’m a safe place to land when she needs a shoulder
And I’m all arms when she wants me to hold her


I try to start and end everyday
Making a little time to pray
One on one with the man
Cause from my knees I know where I stand
And I thank God
God knows who I am


God Knows Who I Am

On a final note, my banner. I’m sure one or two of you may notice (and one of you already have) the figure on the right has something that looks like a scar over/on his left eye, and if you look over, the left figure has one too. If you think back to the first few times you met me, I’m sure you noticed something about my lft eye, maybe it didn’t blink right or maybe it didn’t close right or something. Well, both those figures are me, at least partially. The one on the right is me with my current (more of less) hairstyle and clothing. The one on the left is me too. The setting is a library, symbolizing writing and books, where the one on the left comes alive, and they both mix together, and here is where thats going to happen, for now at least 🙂

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