Well, the word has been likely applied to me on occasion, though never, as far as I can remember, to my face. After my late night (for me this week, having been sick) post 10:30ish last night , I was in bed until around 11:30 this morning. The abnormally large amount of bedrest, not all sleep as I was awake around 8:45ish this morning, coupled with Clariton have made me feel better thanย  I have all week ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still sick, as is evidenced by my cough, but I feel pretty good, and I’ll be up a bit later tonight than I’d been the rest of this week.

“If the dawn means the day is upon us, I say forever I will hide in the shadows. And if maturity means I am condemned to the cold, I will forever burn bright in childishness. If they tell me to settle for one who is less than ideal, I will always, always be alone. And if the tide brings in a trend of apathy, I will drown in my passion before it is taken away. And finally, if being warm, happy, content, and well-adjusted means selling myself to become what they say I should be, I will scream in the pain and agony of my abnormality for all eternity.”

Scissors to Suburbia

Now on to the fun stuff. Recently “The Watchmen” arrived on the silver screen, after a few decades of being the best graphic novel in American history. While it definitely deserved its rating of “R,” I felt it remained fairly true to the novel, with one or two exceptions. Having read the novel first, I felt a strong admiration for one of the main characters, Rorscarch. This character has a moral compass that is at times just plain wrong, but he never comprimises what he believes, even if it means uncovering a lie that killed millions and ruining the “utopian” society that would be founded on the deaths, and in doing so condemed himself to death.

This poem, penned by on of my favorite songwritters of today, one Andrew Schwab of Project 86, is special to me for a multitude of reasons. I know that most of the world tells you that you need to grow up to be able to fit in, that apathy is less painful than care. That conformity is comfortmity, and that comprimise makes the world go round. I know what the world says, those millions of social engineering and mental rebuilding blasts it sends you get so overwhelming that one often becomes numb by them. Like Rorscharch, I beleive that there are certain things that you should never comprimise, many of them actually. Unlike Rorscharch, I have a debatable degree of freewill, and thus have the ability to actually comprimise, though I usually end up compirmising afterwards.

As we grow older, I used to think that you ended up having less fun, and being more stuffy; I think that pretty much all kids believe that for the most part. But as I grow older I’m finding out that you really don’t ever need to “grow up.” Mature, certainly, to a point, but there is nothing wrong with taking the best parts of each stage of life and building a chimera to live by. Being well-adjusted just means not ticking anyone off, which, is frankly impossible. Either you live misserably, almost by definition ticking yourself off, or you somehow tick someone else off. I’m not well-adjusted by any definition, and I’m fine with it. I’ll speak my mind, fairly bluntly, but I’ll be honest about it, I’ll rarely tell a “white lie” though I’m not always an insensitive jerk, I really try not to be. Well, I guess at this point im ramboling again, so I’ll get off.

One more post, making three real ones, maybe I’ll last here for a little while ๐Ÿ™‚

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