Review Time!

Well, I’ve decided that try to help myself keep up this habit of blogging, and post up a list of songs I want to review/comment/rant/ramble on. I can’t find the column tool here, so it’s a nice long post now, and I’ll put up my first review soon, hopefully today. Now, while this is a list, the order that I review them depends on my mood and possibly on request, if anyone tells me via whatever medium we use to talk, or if anyone used the comment option on this blog… I’m not adding the artist names here mainly because I’m slightly lazy, but each of these songs should be fairly easy to find online, with maybe one or two exceptions, and many of these are familiar to at least on or two of the readers I’ve managed to identify 🙂 That said, let the viewing and reviewing commence!

Red Dirt Road

Still Sleeping


Long Black Train



It Happens

Reinventing Your Exit

Piano Man

Drugstore Jesus

Feel Good Drag


My List

Fading Away

Paperthin Hymn


Through the Black

Whiskey Lullaby

City of Doom

Something We Can’t Be

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