Still Sleeping

Still Sleeping

by Anchor & Braille

Gonna know now this song’s about you
I wrote these words with you in mind
Anne baby, don’t you think you deserve
A little more cause you’ve been used up
And thrown around like worthless hope
All in all in all again
You’ve got more damned sinners
Than saints as friends
Your halo’s slid and it’s choking you

We’ll sleep, we’ll sleep, we’ll sleep
When we die
So just lie awake with me here all night
We’ll sleep, we’ll sleep, we’ll sleep
When we die
So just lie awake with me here tonight

Four AM, there’s someone on your shoulder
They call when it’s suddenly cold
You’re like an autumn’s leaf in winter’s wind
Blown away by the sudden lack of friends
When you need someone close
Don’t feed me lines of good intentions
I’m the greatest of the least of these

We’ll sleep, we’ll sleep, we’ll sleep
When we die
So just lie awake with me here all night
We’ll sleep, we’ll sleep, we’ll sleep
When we die
So just lie awake with me here tonight


Contrasting with the amazing bass of Josh Turner is Stephen Christian, lead singer and frontman of Anberlin (one of my two favorite bands of all time) and Anchor & Braille, his acoustic sideproject. Stephen Christian has the most amazing falsettoe I’ve ever heard, admittedly, I haven’t heard many, as I tend to skip by most music that employ falsettoes, but it works for him. Many of you know I love singing along to my ipod in my car, but unless its an acoustic version of one of his songs, I have to drop it at least an octave or two; I just can’t bring myself to hit those notes, and its debatable as to whether or not I’d actually be able to do so (I can hit almost all the notes in Josh Turner’s songs as contrast.)

Stephen Christian is a professed Christian, though neither Anchor & Braille or Anberlin are Christian bands. SaGoH 24/7 (servants after God’s own heart) the progenor of Anberlin was a Christian band, but was later turned into Anberlin and dropped the Christian label, keeping the band members. Stephen also has a huge heart for those in poverty and third world peoples, and much of this bleeds into his music and public life; he’s frequently overseas working for humanitarian causes.

While Still Sleeping is an acoustic piece, almost entirely done in a piano, it has a few electronic bass/drum pads mixes together for a sweetly melancholy song about life. Its a song to a friend/lover/past lover who’s feeling the drain of life. Her friends are more “damned sinners than saints” and she’s feeling blown and pushed around. While all these things are going on, he’s telling her not to give up and that there is hope; she’s worth more than that, and can look forward to more. Her past pretensions of virtue has slid along with her and now its choking her.

The chorus is a simple refrain of comfort. While she may be tired and worn out now, there’s limitless time to rest once you die. He urges her to just stay with him and be together all night, not to sleep in exhaustion. This song does leave out the Christian truth that there are only two outcomes of death, damnation of Heaven, and never really hints as to weather she truly is saved or not.

Like the prodigal son, she’s lost her friends of yesterday and is now along in a new world. Just when she most needed a friend, they’re gone. He is regretful of having left her when she needed him and the chorus takes new meaning as he’s back to comfort her in her moment of emptyness and lonelyness.

While overall a beautiful song, and one with great promise, its rings as a slightl dissapointment. There is no reason he shouldn’t have put more spiritual worth into the song, possibly making it even more beautiful. The band is actually a small side project who’s fanbase has been patiently waiting for the songs to come for years (Anchor & Braille is finally going on tour this summer officially and Christian promised that if the cd weren’t out by december 31’st ’09, he was going to allow it to be downloaded in its entirity for free the next day) and is almost entirely made up of the most dedicated Anberlin fans. Still, a good song, and one my grandmother acutally liked as well, ironically because one of the other songs from the band and Stephen Christian that I let her listen too was labled as “seductive.”

As a final note right now, I’d like to thank whoever and whatever made the jump in views yesterday. I went from a high of 4 views in a day to 19 I think, so maybe I’m doing something right. Let me know if/what I can do to make this a better blog, and I hope you enjoy this next installment of my reviews.

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