My Throat Is An Open Grave

So, its been a little while and I just wanted you all to know that I’m not dead, and neither is this blog. I’ve just had a somewhat busy weekend, though a fun one 🙂 Saturday I had a baseball game, a movie (X-Men Origins, w00t!) and a birthday party to go too. Well, the movie was pretty good, the game was won (baserunning is key in Babe Ruth leagues, and that game really told the story) and the party was a ton of fun, complete with a passing out birthday boy. That all said, I also listened to a lot of music that I haven’t been listening to recently, and listening to a lot of music in the pseudo gothic genre, which is sorta creeping me out.  Still, coming around the circle, I’m reviewing a song off the first metal cd I ever got, as well as the older of my two favorite bands; My Throat Is An Open Grave by Demon Hunter.

Note: I decided to switch songs to review, but its the same CD and band, and both are great songs.

My Throat Is An Open Grave

By Demon Hunter

We lay face down in pale solitude
To save face, we pulled our walls in front of you
To the same place where we danced in front of you
We fell from grace and watched the hope fall from your face

This isn’t me I used to say
All the love was so gone
It feels good to be alive
I’ve been dead for so long

And all those broken promises
I can’t face, afraid if someone notices, I lose my place
Fractures, broken, paralyzed
I need some space, tear me open, analyze

This isn’t me I used to say
All the love was so gone
It feels good to be alive
I’ve been dead for so long

Wake up screaming, I’m awake and dreaming
And I won’t stop breathing until my heart stops beating

This isn’t me I used to say
All the love was so gone
It feels good to be alive
I’ve been dead for so long

Psalm 5:8-9

8 Lead me, O LORD, in your righteousness
because of my enemies—
make straight your way before me.

9 Not a word from their mouth can be trusted;
their heart is filled with destruction.
Their throat is an open grave;
with their tongue they speak deceit.

My Throat Is An Open Grave is the first of two quiet songs on the explosive debut cd by Demon Hunter. Ryan Clark, the lead singer and front man, showed two distinct sides on this self titled cd; an aggressive, almost rap, growling and metal voice, along with a few glimpses of a much softer side; clean vocals and a beautiful harmony. MTIAOG is the latter, and the better of the two sole examples on the cd.

“My Throat Is An Open Grave” is a reference to Psalms 5:8-9 (quoted above, NIV version) and Romans 3:13, wherein the deceit of the psalmist’s enemies is spoken of. By changing the owner of the throat to himself, Ryan confesses to his sin. The entire song, he laments his habitual lies that are hurting those around him and that he doe to save face. Because of his insecurities, he doesn’t allow anyone in, and at the same time flaunts things to cause a loss of hope from others.

The chorus is his heart crying out, yearning for a life he used to think he had. Now though, he knows its false, and while he knows how to fake it now, he’s only doing so to escape the death he’s been for so long, and still is.

The second verse continues on with the sad progression. Now, instead of lying more so hide, he simply ignores them now. The deceit is eating him up and crushing him from within, but still he does nothing, afraid that doing something will reveal him for what he is; a broken man.

After a repeat of the chorus comes the bridge, a development into nightmares. While a short two-line bit, it is repeated a few times, increasing in intensity, emphasizing the brokenness of the subject and his distraught state. Ending the song is a final repeat of the chorus, fading away into quietness, and leaving a melancholy reminder of hopelessness.

Demon Hunter has been slightly difficult to categorize musically since the begining, though it was generally called Nu-metal then. What is certain, is that the first cd is a very heavy (both lyrically and musically) piece and very Christian. MTIAOG shows an example of a soul, desperately knowing that something was wrong, but afraid to do anything about it. Like The Matrix, (good movie, and some great Christian elements. IF YOU CHOOSE TO LOOK AT IT THAT WAY. It wasn’t written with that express intention and is NOT a Christian movie by any accounts.) something’s just not quite right and a search is going on to find out what. The rest of the cd, is heavy too, with a large amount of thought provoking songs.

Musically, Ryan Clark begins on his trek of beautiful clean vocals, and aggressive, yet largely understandable (to the layperson even) growls and screams. The music has a hint of the orchestra at times and grows more pronounced as the band progresses. Demon Hunter (which I will admit, is a bad name, theologically) isn’t the same music that made my first favorite band, but they still are my favorite band and are still recognizable as Demon Hunter.

Well, my review is done here, and its likely a bit rough, but I’ve got a ton of work to do these next few days, so my next review won’t likely come till Thursday afternoon or Friday. I know most people don’t like metal, but if you’d like to hear a few of the softer songs (and I highly recommend it) just get a hold of me somehow and I’ll get a few of them to you; Ryan Clark has an amazing voice, I really just can’t say that enough, and its what really sets them apart.

Well, I’ve got a paper on Swine flu to write now, if I post a copy of it up when I’m done on Wednesday night/Thursday

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