Well, its been a little while and I apologize. I’d like to blame life and say that I’ve been busy (and I have been) or that I haven’t been able to get to my computer to update. But I honestly can’t say that’s the real reason I haven’t posted recently. I’ve prioritized other things ahead of this, and partially forgotten about it when I would have posted. That said, here I am!

My grandma, who with my grandpa I live with, and I had a little conversation yesterday that began with my dad and I. My dad and I share a few traits, which horrifies me to some degree, especially with a few of them. The main reason I moved out has to do with personality clashes stemming from immaturity on both our parts and similarity of personality. Since I moved out however, our relationship has been much better, though I see him rarely outside of church (kinda hard not to see your own pastor) or the odd time we have a family get together or the rare time I pick my up brothers and go inside the house.

The conversation started with her commenting hat I’m a fairly critical person, much like my dad. My dad’s criticism is one of his traits that I find highly annoying and like the least. It is also, however, one of the strongest to come out in me, and its not always pretty. My close friends know that I talk way too much in movies I’ve seen before, and often in movies I’m watching for the first time. Part of this is due to my schooling in film, part is a more than healthy dose of pride, and partly, its just because I find fault with many things, and Hollywood is easy to find fault with. If you want an example, have me watch Casino Royal with you sometime, and I believe you might take me for a host on Queer Eye or What Not to Wear (though, I swear I’m not gay) with all my comments on dress and makeup.

I speak my mind bluntly and rarely hold my comments back except for family and friends. If I’m mad, I won’t pull my punches hardly at all and it can get ugly. On the flipside, my favorite philosopher is Machiavelli, and I’m fairly Machiavellian at times myself, so in circumstances, while I will rarely ever lie, I can twist the truth to look more convoluted than a gymnast acting out a politician’s promises. After my grandmother pointed out that my dad has become less critical since I left home, (an event that I think has actually done him some good, and while I’ve benefited as well, there was hurt on all sides involved, for which I regret,) I commented that its my mother now who has the most of a “beef” with me.

There are two sides of this that I’ll be going into here dealing with her “low ranking” of me. The “Top 250” ranking for fantasy baseball just came out this week,a nd having perused through a few of them, and reading the recaps and reasoning for significantly higher/lower placement of certain players (mine to be exact) and so I thought I’d play my mother and write an apologia for ranking me lower, to carry out the metaphor.

J.D. Doupe, 1B, (my ranking: x, aggregate raking: y, delta: y-x)

So, here’s why I’m placing him so much lower; inconsistency. He frequently misses or forgets to do what I’ve asked of him and often waits longer than should be over many of the more trivial things. Now, I know he can do better, and that’s why I haven’t ranked him even lower, but he needs to start producing and showing a lot more consistency before I can move him up in my draft and rankings. One more thing, and this is a large reason for me too; he’s a bad influence. Ever since he went off to college, and even before then, he’s been a poor influence on his younger brothers. His taste of music and movies are quite detrimental to the overall “team chemistry.”

Well, after that blasting review, there are a few things that are both true, and not true. If you remember the opening paragraph for today’s post, you will remember that I didn’t make an excuse, at least, I was trying not to make one. Truth is, I’m highly forgetful of many things. There are occasions that I “intentionally forget” some things people have asked me to do, but that is rare. More often, I simply forget because my memory is poor and I’ve filled the space with something else, or its just decided to fly out my head. Like the baseball rankings, I also rank things according to priorities in my head, and while this doesn’t mean I’ll remember them, it gives them a higher likelihood. Because I do tend to forget things, and because she does too, she finds me a bit unreliable. Sadly, this can be mitigated, though she rarely helps out there. If I’m told a few times I will remember it and it’ll be fresher in my mind, rather than being told/asked something a week or two in advance.

On the second account, I am also partly guilty. There are movies that I’ve watched or introduced that my brothers (the youngest two) shouldn’t watch and I frequently question her dislike of certain genre of movies, though I try to not do so in front of others. Music too, some of mine she doesn’t like though its only the style of music, the so called “screamo” that I rarely listen to ever my brothers love and she hates. That said, those are the only two ways I am guilty of being a bad influence to them, it is really my other brother who is a worse one, though even there he isn’t bad, just different from her values. But I think its better that I take the heat from her, and let go what doesn’t really matter. If at one point it does become a real problem, I’ll fix it with her, but until then, nothing needs to be done.

Finally some amazing news. Mothers Cookies are back!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I was shopping yesterday (actually getting TnT’s with Meagan) and heard that they were coming back, so we hurried over to Albertson’s and behold! One final bag of Mother’s Circus Animal cookies! And other bags of the newly made cookies. For those who are puzzled at my happiness over this, Mother’s cookies went under last October and was just bought by Kellogg’s and reintroduced this month. Well, with that last little bit of good news, have a great day and take care! I’ve got finals this week, o this may be all you hear from me for a few days, but hopefully I’ll get another post up this week. I think I’m going to aim for about two posts a week 🙂 Bye all!

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