Well, I’m really tired right now. This is a combination of a few factors, among which are not enough sleep, too much sleep, out of shapeness, lazieness and over-exertion. Let me expalin this largely contradictory salvo of conditions. As I think I reported already, my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet just arrived and I’ve been having way more fun with it than anyone should with a machiene the size of a centimeter thick piece of paper. Due to that and my normal nocturnal habits and my work schedual, I had been getting a highly unstandart aount of sleep. I was in bed until 11 today and went to sleep around 2 this morning. I have also been getting less than 6 hours of sleep durning my “work week” mon-thursday. I sleep friday and saturday fairly late and sunday, while not a work day, I get up about the same time to get ready for church.

My job is not very physically demanding most of the time, I am the modern equivelent of a cabin boy; the Intern, so sometimes I do get the odd errand, “JD, go move that 200 lb X over there will you?” And I detest exercise for the most part, I usually have to be doing something else to get any; longboard (which I haven’t done a lot of recently, sadly,) swimming (yeas it is exercise, but I was practially born in the water and am much more graceful in water than on land,) or dodgeball with my Jr. Highers. Of most of those things, dodgeball is most often and thats once a week as I staff my youth group.

One thing that I have been blessed with, is my metabolism. God has graced me with the ability to not really change weight no matter what I do or don’t do. Sadly, that means I don’t have weight as an incentive to exercise, but that I really don’t have to worry about my weight period. As a result, I’m fairly lazy when it comes to physical things; I’d much rather read or draw/color than be outside (partly due to my extreme sensitivity to light.)

Now factor in today. Got up at 11, went to lunch at 1:30, went to starbucks at 2:40ish then 4 rounds with the batting cages by my work area. Wait… did you just say batting cages? Isn’t that kinda like exercise? *Uhuh, yeah, I did, why?* Hmm, are you feeling alright? This isn’t normal for you JD.

Yeah, yeah, I gotta get in shape a little for softball season, which starts tuesday night after youth group for me. For the first time in 7-8 years I hit the batting cages and worked on my swing, and I forgot how taxing it is on the chest. I stopped playing baseball because I was a ball magnet and grew afraid of the ball. I wish I’d kept with it, because I love the sport, and I’m really glad I have the opportunity to play now. Whats more, even though its on tuesday nights, I’ll be able to make most of most of the games, only those at 7:45 wil I miss mostly. However, due to my long absence form the sport, and my general lack of physical exersion, I’m not a paragdime of physical fitness, though I am reletively thin and healthy. I’m also a small guy and can still spring well, so I should be able to play a Juan Pierre kind of game; slap the ball wherever I can and hoof it out to get on base, and then take liberal leads to advance.

Like I said, my first game is tuesday night so we’ll see how I do 🙂 In the interium of my next post, enjoy this work I’ve been coloring with my newest toy. Its not wonderful, but it’ll show you a little of what this new tablet is capable of doing, and compare it to the other pictures I posted up earlier. This is still a WIP, and I’ll post up the completed product when I’m done. Enjoy all and have a great weekend!


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