In the wrong prison cell and the wrong company

Well, its been a little while so I thought now would be a good time for an update 🙂 Tuesday was a pretty big day for me, I found out that next tuesday I’ll be teaching in youth group for all the Jr. Highers, which I haven’t done yet. I actually haven’t taught the girls at all, since during electives I only got guys in my class, oddly enough. After youth group, I got to play my first softball game ever, and quite enjoyed it. Signing in last, as I had to grab my id out of my car, I was dead last in our lineup, of 13 people. And I got up to bat in the first inning.

That was the story of the game. Halfway into the first inning, the other team finally got a full 10 man team together and my team continued to beat the other into submission. I got a single in my first at bat, swinging on the first pitch like the nervous wreak I was. On the next hit, as it was second out, I took off, flying past second and rounding third, amidst the yells of the third base coach yelling to stay at third (who I never heard) and sliding into home just in time for the catcher to either miss the ball, or have it deflect off his glove onto my knee. I was safe and nothing hurt so I got away with it that time, but I promised to try to pay attention to the coach after that. Playing Right Field I didn’t really see any action, other than a botched fly ball I should have had. I came up with a double and a triple as well; one homerun away from hitting for the cycle.

Otherwise, my week has been pretty quiet. I’ve got a moving away party on sunday for a family at church, and my grandparents get home on monday, leaving me without my own home once again, lol. I recently had a friend send me some sketches, and while they were the wrong ones, I decided to start working on one of them, so we’ll see how it goes. Speaking of, here’s the completed picture that I posted up a beginning to.Keiros_doneWell, thats all for now, leave me a comment or two about what you thing of this and Enjoy your thursday and later the weekend!

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