Well, its been almost two weeks since I last posted here, and a bit has happened since. My lesson went ok at youth group last week and most of the kids paid attention. Father’s Day came and went with much feasting and eating at my house (once aain I had the honor of bbq’ing the food, mmm, ribs :)) and cleaning up. My dad went further another step in technology and got an ipod touch with his new computer, and the computer is a macbook pro, so my mother can fufil her editing dreams. Tomorrow night is going to be the second game that I’ll be able to make in softball so I should have something else to report on wedness day, not actually sure if I will or not though.

In other news, yesterday my ailing fantasy baseball team finally snapped it 4 week loosing streak and it looks like my pitchers might want to come off the DL, which means I need to find room for them admidst all the nice new prospects I’ve found, both pitching and batting. This week I am again playing my brother, who’s record is a bit better than mine, though I’ve consistently scored higher than him, so we’ll see, its a good natured rivalry between us. Interesting fact, as of saturday, brothers had only started against each other 22 times (including that day) in the history of the MLB, and the older brother won 12 out of those 22 times. Jeff and Jared Weaver pitched against eachother and did fairly well, though the Dodgers had a nice win.

I’ve recently begun to take out quite a few artifacts of yesteryear. I’m going to post a blog about my french class antics and discussions on pykrete soon, and I’ve once again opened up my epic on High Earth. No, I’m not going to be writing any more right now, and I might not ever again touch it, sad to say, but I am going to be telling/guiding a new story through the world. Two actually, as I’ve already got a game running its way through the world. Having something that you’ve created and know so well, even if its only mostly in your head (don’t come sicing the shrinks one me; I can make them cry) makes a lot of things more meaningful and interesting. You begin to notice where you got the idea for this, or why that is the way it is and what wwould be differnt in your world.

Finally, as I was thinking this weekend (those of you who know me well know that this is a very dangerous pastime for me) and I came to an interesting discovery, if you will, about “science” and other school subjects and fields of study and practise. So, after this brief update, I’m off, back to work, but I should be on in the near future, posting my logic and illogic and thoughts.



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