Back again

Well, its been a little while, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been caught up in a few things and been allocating my time according to a whim and a wish, and for some reason this hasn’t been either. I come to you today with a brief overview of the past few weeks or so of my life, once again. And maybe, if I feel like it, something else.

Well, looking over the histories of the blog, its been roughly two weeks since I last posted, and that post doesn’t really even count. Actually, it seems like its been longer than that really. On the 4’th, my family went out to brunch like we always have (and by always I mean for the vast majority of my life) at the Spyglass Inn in Pismo. Before we moved up here we had a place we’d go to back in the Valley, so it’s a fairly well ingrained portion of our lives. I had the great opportunity and privilege to bring my girlfriend along with me and she got to suffer through an hour or two of my uncles talking about guns, the coming Second American Civil War (more on that in the future) and tea Parties.

A few of you readers (because I honestly have no idea who really reads this, with two or three exceptions) might remember I started this blog a while ago while I was sick an delusional, obvious because I wouldn’t have started it in my right mind (cue accusations of me not being possessed of a right mind.) But I mentioned something of a tea party back then, and this tea party being talked about at brunch is of the same type. No, its not one of those get-togethers where you all drink tea and eat crumpets (both of which are delicious, by the way) but it is in honor of and reminiscent of the Boston Tea party, a cry against the vile Tea Tax, which was more insidious and oppressive than an actual annoyance of money.

Today, and quite recently, as a move against big government (rather, bigger/colossal government) Tea Parties have emerged across America as a protest for increased taxation and the disgusting federal bailouts that are sweeping the nation. Obama has become the effective CEO of G.M., no longer “General Motors” but now “Government Motors.” In contrast with the wild raid on the ships in the harbor, these are peaceful protests and educational events. Most of my family went to one after brunch, though I went back home to go to a wedding reception with Meagan’s family. My grandmother, who has long been resistant to conversion to the world of Apple computers, finally broke down and got one, with the help of my uncle and dad. We are now, with the exception of my Linux using programmer uncle, an Apple family.

So, after brunch, and a number of pictures (my facebook has far too many now due to grandmother, tagged at least,) Meagan and I took off and headed home. Then we turned around and went halfway back to the wedding reception where a curious thing happened and was shown to me. The bride was an old neighbor of her family, and I didn’t know either the bride or the groom, nor any of their families, so I didn’t know too many people there to start with. The groom’s family and most of his guests were Hispanic, and sat in one section of the backyard we were in. The bride’s friends, who were almost all white, stayed on the other side of the yard. For those of you not native to the Central Coast, it’s a fairly bi-cultural area, you’ve got latino and you’ve got non-latino. In between both parties, was the food; the great melting pot of America. While we didn’t stay long enough to everyone to get al juicy and happy together, we did mingle a bit at times and everyone had a good time.

Finishing off the night, we did a few fireworks and turned it in for the night. Since then, it’s been a fairly normal July. It’s been hot, and overcast, cool and clear, usually in that pairing. My 21’st birthday is coming up, a week from tomorrow actually, and I’ve got a few things that are going on that night, not in the least my first softball game in a few weeks, and a trip to Stinky’s after, more on that a week from Wednesday or Thursday. Patrick, the brother in the middle of my three brothers, and the one most like me (disturbingly similar actually at times) finally just asked for all my country, after haven gotten him hooked on a few of Brad Paisley’s songs, Celebrity and I’m Still a Guy among the top hits.

Well, I’ve still got a bit more, including news of a birth to report on later, but for now I’m done. Take care everyone and enjoy the last weeks of summer!

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