World Building

Welcome back! It has been 3 full months since I last posted, or even looked, here. As I checked the view logs, someone checked here a few days ago, and unsurprisingly, my post/essay on Swine Flu remains my most viewed post, with a whopping 28 views I think. I got a B+ or A- on it by the way. In any rate, I’m back, and I will try to make more time to updating it regularly, and I’ve got a few ideas to help me commit to that. A lot has happened in those three months, and at the same time, almost nothing. My personality is such that I get bored easily and tend to flit between projects and pursuits easily and quickly, and as a result I’ve neglected a great many things that I wish I hadn’t. One of these projects is something I started years ago, back in Highschool (and saying that, I’m starting to feel old, at the ripe young age of 21.)

A few of you are aware of, and fewer still familiar with, High Earth. High Earth is my pet world that I’ve been building over the past 6-8 years, though with hefty breaks between, and I even adapted it to a game I ran for a short while. A kind of parallel world to the real world, it originally had a story centered around a group of characters based off real people. In fact, the banner of this blog is taken from that idea; Phoerix on the left is myself in High Earth, and whichever world I happen to be playing in. As my life has moved on past Highschool and into College, the characters have been added to, many of these characters not knowing most of the others but sharing me as a common denominator. What happens in the story, has to be changed from the first draft, as I’m sure most writers decide to do, my life being a mutable and changing story.

I bring up High Earth because I feel a desire to return to it and begin writing once again. How far I’ll get I don’t know, and what will change, I’ve no idea either. While originally set in a fantastical setting, complete with gryphons, wyrms, and a kind of magic system later ripped by Avatar (to my horror, though I suppose it really wasn’t all that imaginative to start with,) I have been teasing thoughts around of having a more futuristic setting among the ruins of the older world, with all the legends of yesteryear spurring them on. Eventually, I do want to have something like that happen, but I want to start with the fantasy setting first, I think, and then be able to build the effects into it.

With all this said, the background is partially laid, and I would like to ask for some help. I’m going to have to do a fairly large overhauling of my characters, and a few of the setting facts. I need a few people to give me some prodding so that I keep writing and posting on a fairly steady clip, and a few people (the same people or not, it doesn’t matter much to me) to tell me when I’m doing something stupid, why its stupid or cliche, and suggest a different path for me. Now, I won’t always listen to you, and I may very well use every trope in the book (and I really pray I don’t) but it will help. If you are interested in helping me, post so here or text/call me, or message me somehow on Facebook. I’m pretty easy to get a hold of.

Now, on to a list of what I need to start working on before I actually start assaulting your eyes with a poorly written novel.

  • Work out the celestial/infernal involvement I added while running the world as a game
  • Tweak the races to work out more as human with regional differences, rather than separate species
  • Beat out a new cast. Because so much has changed, names must be changed (a very big/important thing to me really) and archetypes substituted in circumstances.
  • Geography; I’ve already got a rough world map outlined, but I want a much richer one, with more regions placed and locations named. It looks like Photoshop could help me here some. (Any artists, feel free to ask about drawing the map; mine is beat out in Illustrator and I’m not that talented in it.)
  • Write out a semi-detailed plot. I won’t show you, and I’ve got some fair bits planned so far already, but changes require some.
  • Pick a form to tell it in, and stick to it. People who have seen my handwriting know that its an eyesore, and that I often switch styles mid word. I tend to do the same when writing, going from 1’st person to 3’rd to 2’nd. I need to not do that. I think.
  • Decide how long I want it to be. Now again, I probably won’t stick to it, but ballparking is a good thing. As much as I love the Wheel of Time saga, I don’t want to die before the final 1,500 page book is released.

So, there’s much more I’m sure, and I’ll add to it as I go, but this is what I need to do, if I’m to be able to have a decent chance of finishing this work. While it will be a work of fantasy, I want it to be more than that. Just a guy and some people he knows going through the world to a particular end. This world just incidentally breaks a few/most of the “laws” of physics as we know them. Anyone up for it?

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