Character Bio: Phoerix

It is now nearing 7pm and I’ve set iTunes to Classical. I’d meant to work on these through the week, but I’ve managed to procrastinate and keep myself from working. Surprise surprise. I have, however, managed to create another batch of my slowly becoming famous cinnamon rolls, and duplicated my mother’s amazing cranberry bread. And after a short photoshoot, I edited a nice little picture. But on to the bios.

Phoerix Mortain, my alter ego who has shortened somewhat as I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m of average height if not shorter, is the main protagonist of High Earth, at least for the moment. Coming from a family with a rich history of Shapers, and ministers, Phoerix tossed around the idea of joining the ministry himself, and has received fairly extensive training from his father, a minister himself. While not planning on following his father’s footsteps, he has found joy in counseling his friends, being a good natural listener.

The young Air Shaper who captains his Shaper team is a student of History and Tactics at the Academy. As a student he aspires to join the military officers corps and plans on rising through the tactical ranks, achieving a generalship before retiring. He attends the Academy on a sports scholarship like the rest of his team and holds an academic scholarship for tactics, which is constantly in jeopardy of being removed due to his aversion to most homework in his other classes. He is very excited to journey to Apsuchos Moraino, the opportunity gained by reaching the post season in Shaper.

His outlook on life and personality are somewhat of a dichotomy. On one hand, he is very cynical and has difficulty trusting others, while on the other he inspires trust in other around him and has grown to trust his close friends. He believes in preparing and expecting the worst, while hoping for the best. Mirroring his laid back approach to life, an unfortunate symptom being his aversion to most homework and a tendency to procrastination, Phoerix is hard to fluster and unsettle. Even when pushed past the point of anger, he remains mostly calm and subjective.

While the majority of his friends have known each other most of their lives, a few have only recently become a part of the circle. His teammates, however, have all grown up together, an unorthodox team that has excellent communication grown from years of growing up together. Some years ago he was in a dedicated relationship with Aerin, which ended rather abruptly and took some time to recover. More recently, Topiaria and he have begun to see each other.

Fitting as a student of history and tactics, his favorite room isn’t the gym, its the library or study. His favorite colors are Red, White, Silver and Purple. While he enjoys Shaper, and is quite good at it, he also has great talent for chess.

And so this ends part one of my character bios, I’ll be working on the others later on, and I might have another midweek update. While this is more of a general overview, I might update this one later with a short history so make it a little more specific, or I might not. Enjoy all.

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