Pause. As I was watching the play tonight; “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” I realized that I’d very much like to toy around with having High Earth be a kind of alternate reality for Phoerix. A kind of “Alice in Wonderland” if your will. A webcomic I read for a while titled the Dreamland Chronicles dealt with this idea, and Narnia is set in very much the same kind of place. I’ve always been a fan of this kind of story, and High Earth has always been a kind of link between Middle Earth (our world) and the heavens, as bound by my mind.

To go one step further, will give the story itself a bit of a different meaning, but allow myself to more naturally (ironic huh?) write myself. Perhaps by beginning with a quick jot through my own life, and then launch into a dream, waking or sleeping, I can more effectively enter into the world. Just as Lucy and the others literally walked into the Wardrobe, put the rings on and off, were taken into the picture and on, so would I be able to enter into the world. Not to have any real effect on the real world, though in such a story who can say what the real world truly is. Nor to bring conflict from world into another, I don’t wish this to be some device to introduce the evil capitalist from America into Basilea Agathos, or more horridly, Methodia. Likewise I wish not to endanger the world with Shapers, fae or magic.

I mean for both worlds to be real, for Phoerix and JD to grow up simultaneously in two worlds, the same being, and conscious of the other. JD, speaking in the third person here, isn’t an escapist, nor am I especially creative, I am simply a dreamer dreaming what thousands and millions have dreamed before. That said, I’m just creative and egotistical enough to trick myself into thinking I can write halfway decently, and halfway intelligent and egotistical enough to think myself capable of pulling it off.

All said and done, I may be making a few changes again and writing once more a new beginning, a prequel to the start of the match. And I do believe I’ll find myself reworking that match anyway, I’m not happy with it very much, its to choppy and loose for me. One final note, I feel like writing a short story about a young boy, charging bravely into a world of wonder inside an attic with a peculiar painting, inspired by my desktop wallpaper. It really is a charming picture and evokes warm fuzzies in me, and I placed it at the top.

And note, this isn’t my half-promised midweek post, that’ll come later if it does at all. Enjoy all 🙂

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