As Good As I Once Was

By now, whoever might be reading this blog should have a decent idea that I like music. I like it so much in fact, that I frequently end up titling my posts either song names or something derived from a song title. Today is no different. Since I already managed to beat out two posts this week (two in about 12 hours in fact,) I figured that this topic is something not only warranted, but also beneficial.


I once was in pretty good shape. I’ve been thin for a number of years, having been a bit chubby as a kid growing up, but once I hit High School I was involved in some sort of sport every year or so. I played waterpolo, ran track and jumped, practiced with the wrestling team, and played indoor soccer at various points during those four years. My team also won the Broom Hockey tournament at Hume Lake my freshman year (Chet is still indeed my buddy.)

Then I lost it a bit. I went off to Masters and did actually play intramural flag football, at 5′ 8″ and maybe 145 lbs, I was one mean offensive linesman. Don’t laugh, its true. I also did a bit of longboarding with the other guys in my hall, which is a bit more involved than you might think. But for the most part I stayed up far loo late and did too little physical activity. Since then I’ve played softball with a few different teams, though I’ve been off for a season or two now.

Enter my brother John. John is a beast, a 6′ 3″ (at least) monster of roughly 12,000 lbs and a 24 pack of abs. He’s in the navy and has trained for SWC and the Seals before blowing out his knee, and is currently making sure he’ll be ready for the next time. He’s also my little brother, one of three, and who are now all taller than me, and still growing. John works out. He’s ripped, sculpted, and as I said before; a beast. He’s also in shape.

Fast forward to last Thursday. I’d just gotten my Y membership the week before (after having dallied doing so for too long) and hadn’t forced myself over there for one reason or another. Me being the genuis I am, I decided to go swimming, which I truly do enjoy and figured would help me stay to build up a habit. Plus, I saw that the pool was heated and memories from 8 years ago (getting up at 430 in the morning to practice before class) told me that the advertised 80 F was most likely a pipe dream. But I got there, changed into a new pair of boardshorts (a totally sweet red and grey one that my family had trouble picturing me in,) showered and took the plunge…

Into a very comfortable warmed pool. I was shocked. And this was after having been in the sweatroom for a good 20 minutes or so waiting for a lane to open (I’m not big on sharing.) Feeling good, and confident that I’d be alright, I started off, going from one side to the other. Once there I realized that I was tired. Really tired actually, but I kept at it and made it back to my starting side. Again, I was tired, but something new; I was out of breath! Now, I’ve been saying for a good two years or so (at least) that I’m out of shape, and I get dirty looks for it, because I am on the thinner side. And something to do with the fact that my blood is roughly 98.3% sugar and animal fat, mmmm.

So after one complete lap, I was winded. Not good, I guess I’ll just have to press on harder. Another half lap and I had to wait a few seconds before continuing. I finally finished up my second lap, stood up out of the pool and went to clean up, dry off and go home. This week I increased my load 50%, all the way up to three laps and mostly in breaststroke. Next week I’m planning on going to four or five, maybe more. Ideally I’ll be going more often than two or three times a week.

But this rather pathetic story brings to mind a few maxim’s the “Use it or loose it” one being foremost. Because I’ve been so out of it, I’ve lost almost everything I once had, and I’m having to build it up again. I’m trying to write more often now because I’d rather hone my writing skills than loose them (which is why I’m here for the third time this week.) But that’s really the way it goes  with any habit; the good ones are a pain to grow into, the bad ones are a pain to grow out of, and both have a huge impact on your life.

Another one for me is Bible reading. I went a long time not doing any, except for Sunday’s at church. I’ve read enough and frequently enough that pretty much any part of the Bible is familiar to me, and I can wing a lot, but its not the same as actually getting in and reading it every day. I honestly learn something new almost every time that I go through a passage, either something I’d missed before, or something that I’m only now understanding. My post on Love was actually influenced greatly by recent reading I’ve done this year, and I’ve truly grown to love the book of Romans. I don’t read every day, but I’m getting there, and I’m doing my best to get better.

All that to say, there are a number of things I’m just not what I once way, not all for good, nor all for bad. As human beings, we are creatures of transition and change, though some of us are much more sedentary than others. I’ll be the first to admit I do not like change for the most part. I eat at the same restaurant every Tuesday, love my truck no matter how much gas goes up (there’s something I think we could all agree on not changing, just set it at a dollar and we’ll all be good,) sleep in the same position on my queen sized bed. Seriously, I flipped it a few months ago because there was a dent in the springs on the side where I sleep. But sometimes change is good, and for me, going to the gym is a good change.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on June 9, 2011 - 17:00

    under the list of “bad habits to break”, I think “shave the goatee” should be up there at the top.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on June 10, 2011 - 15:47

    I agree with Anonymous #1! Also, might I add that in your desire to fine tune your writing skills, you should take note of the proper usage of “lose” versus “loose”? Just a friendly reminder from the Editing Queen.

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