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Path of the Gods

So, one of the game’s I’m running on Myth-Weavers just started, and as a sideshow to the actual game I’m writing a narrative to show the progress of the trio of gods who just managed to save a few of their people from a fallen planet. In a move somewhat reminiscent of the Biblical Account of the Tower of Babel, a number of the survivors were shunted across space and time into a new world, where they were dropped into groups of about sixty by race. Sadly, the halflings didn’t make it. This act should have burned out entirely the two gods taking part in it, and did kill all the mortals involved, but something happened…. Read the rest of this entry »



Bridging Worlds

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in many instances I agree with them. Whoever “they” are. I do however, disagree with that statement even more often than I agree with it, and so I’ve taken up a personal challenge for this semester. Each week, no later than friday, I will post a short story of at least 1000 words for one of my prints that I made last year in class, or that I’ve managed to make since then (to date the one time I was able to use my uncle’s and got selenium poisoning over, heh.)

I may or may not include a short review of the print itself, depending on my mood, personal feelings of it, amount of time I have left before its “due” and so on. My decision to undertake this exercise is in part due to the fact my color photography class for the semester was canceled, a game on myth-weavers I’m running, and the fact I’ve gotten lazy and my creative muscles need the exercise.

And now, with my rambling for the moment done, StarCraft 2 resting, a cashew cookie and glass of grape juice within reach, the time for me to begin has come.

As I’ve been writing this, and more especially, as I’ve looked it over as its done, I find it appropriate that I wrote this for the one bridge I have photographed. In many ways this blog is a bridging of many aspects of my life, and this project that I’ve started is another of sorts. Bridges are fascinating thins, and while the bridge itself is of only minor import in the short (which I will likely be adding onto at a later time,) it fits and I’m really glad I was able to link it in there.

And so, after three rounds of StarCraft 2 with my brother (Battlecruisers are sick) some of my amazing handmade hot chocolate, and a chat with my brother in the Navy, here we are, in all of its 1435 word glory. Rip apart and digest it as you will please, but tell me what you think and how I could do better.

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World Building

Welcome back! It has been 3 full months since I last posted, or even looked, here. As I checked the view logs, someone checked here a few days ago, and unsurprisingly, my post/essay on Swine Flu remains my most viewed post, with a whopping 28 views I think. I got a B+ or A- on it by the way. In any rate, I’m back, and I will try to make more time to updating it regularly, and I’ve got a few ideas to help me commit to that. A lot has happened in those three months, and at the same time, almost nothing. My personality is such that I get bored easily and tend to flit between projects and pursuits easily and quickly, and as a result I’ve neglected a great many things that I wish I hadn’t. One of these projects is something I started years ago, back in Highschool (and saying that, I’m starting to feel old, at the ripe young age of 21.) Read the rest of this entry »

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“Play something to make the soul of a stone weep.” The room was dimly lit and slightly smoky. That rich, strong voice that had spoken so with such melancholy belonged to an old, white haired man. An untouched glass of darkly clear purple liquid stared back at anyone who looked his way. Read the rest of this entry »

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